About Us

We offer a wide range of computer and technical services for both small businesses and the home PC/laptop user…

Computer Tune-Ups
Computer boot-up time and processing speed can slow considerably for a variety of reasons. No need to buy a new computer—we can troubleshoot, make various setting adjustments, and apply system upgrades if necessary to easily optimize your computer for peak performance.


Virus/Spyware Protection
Threats from spyware and viruses are a constant concern and should be addressed to protect personal data and ensure that the computer is operating correctly. We can employ a variety of tools to help detect, clean, and block viruses and spyware. Tired of those annoying pop up ads? We can block those too.


Help Purchasing a New Computer
Time for a new computer, but not sure exactly what to buy or where to buy it? Or what software you should choose or how to install it? We can help translate a client’s individual needs into the computer and applications that are just right for them. Also, we often have access to special discounts that can be passed on directly to our clients.


Computer Networking

If you have more than one computer in your home or office, then networking these together probably makes good sense. This enables multiple computers to share folders, use a single printer, scanner, and other devices. Many software products are cheaper for networks than having to buy an individual license for each computer as well.


Wireless Connectivity

Having wireless connectivity in the home or office offers many benefits. However, setting up a wireless modem and getting it to work correctly can often be a challenge. We can help you select and install the wireless modem best suited for your situation.


Website/Internet Filtering

Concerned about your teenagers accessing unapproved sites? Or employees spending time on social networking pages like Facebook? We can configure your computer(s) to block access to these types of sites.


Data Backup and Recovery

It’s important to back up your files on a regular basis. We can recommend several options for adequately backing up your files and offer data recovery services to recover lost files due to hardware malfunction, virus infection, etc.


Prompt Call Response

Computer problems can range from being a simple annoyance to an absolute “needs attention now” crisis. We continually monitor our email and phone messages and respond promptly when a client needs help. With our remote access capabilities, we can often address the issue online, without having to schedule a service appointment.


Remote Access

Save time and money with our ability to connect with your computer via remote access through the Internet. It’s as easy as installing a simple remote access tag to your computer on our first visit. Then, next time there’s a problem, we simply remote in and fix it. This makes applying routine updates and performance checks much easier (and cheaper) as well.